Friday, November 12, 2010

What if Zebra Lost his Stripes?

Today our animal of focus was the zebra.
I have a book called "What if Zebras Lost their Stripes?"
I drew an outline of a zebra but really it looked like a horse because there were no stripes.
There were two different art techniques to give them back their stripes.

The first was bleach painting. I know "bleach" yikes but using it in small amounts on paper has a magical result.
We used milk jug caps to hold a little bit of bleach and the brush was a qtip. It soaks up the bleach and doesn't splash or splatter.
The children made their marks on the black paper and watched as the colour disappeared.

The second technique was similar to tape painting that we have done before.
The children cut strips of tape and laid them across the zebra (horse shape) on the white paper. Then used black water colour paint to paint all over it. When the paint dried they pulled off the tape.
They enjoyed peeling off the tape. The parents enjoyed the effect it left behind.