Thursday, February 24, 2011

Our Many Ways of the Three Little Pigs

Our fairy tale for the week is The Three Little Pigs.  We've discovered many ways to experience the story.
We've played with toys of the 3 little pigs.  We've read the book.
We made our own houses and acted as the big bad wolf but all the houses, including the brick house, were easy to blow down.  So we had to figure out how to make them heavier.  One of the boys suggested putting rocks in the brick house.  So we did. And then added sticks to the other and straw to the final one.

Then we tried blowing them down again. 

It was now harder to blow down the brick house even though there were two wolves.

This week we also made large pig houses and painted them.

After they were dry they were set up to play out the story.

Our grade 3 buddies treated us by acting the story out.

It's been pig-wonderful week.