Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Horse Play

       may 17 029
Tomorrow we are going to visit horses at the Therapeutic Riding
Stables.   For the past several weeks of school we’ve been preparing
for our visit.
may 6 040 may 6 039
One week it was our sign in question.  The majority of children
do like horses.
may 6 053 may 21 002
We dug out all our horses from the animal baskets and set them up
in different play scenarios around the room.
may 17 002  may 17 022
I’ve been collecting hobby horses from thrift stores and set them
out last week.  The older children loved to ride around them room.
         may 17 023
The younger children loved to get up close and nuzzle.
        may 17 024
And then I noticed that the older children were feeding their
horses the wood pellets in the sensory table.
     may 21 001
It got us talking about what horses like to eat.  Today for snack
we had horse food; apples, carrots and hay (shredded wheat).
          may 21 019
          There was a bit of neighing going on.