Monday, September 24, 2018

Needle Felted Carrots

Last week I attended a needle felting class to learn how to make fruits and vegetables.
The teacher had samples of carrots, beets, pears, and a pumpkin.
We started learning a carrot and I was so excited by how easy it was that I decided to make a little garden of them for my grand daughter.
She loves them.
We found a couple of rabbits for her to feed, instead of herself.
The carrots are different sizes as they do take time to make and I wanted to get 5 done during class time.
So one for her and
one for the rabbit.
She harvested all the carrots with no problem until she reached the last one.
It was stuck in the ground and she pulled and pulled
but it wouldn't come up.
She let go and signed for help.
I showed her how to use two hands.
One to hold the container in place and the other to pull the carrot.
Yay it worked!
When she was finished feeding herself and the rabbit she put all the carrots back into the garden.
Ready for another picking tomorrow.