Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Gingerbread News

We received our first post card and letter on Monday.
The children were interested, excited and inspired.
We also received this fantastic letter, via email, that contained stories 
of a little boy
whom met our gingerbread cookies in a park.
His mom edited the photos and added images of gingerbread cookies 
walking in the leaves, going down the slide
and climbing a tree with her son.

This news inspired some of our children to tell their own story about
the cookies.
Once they told their story an adult wrote it down for them
and we have started a story wall.

That afternoon one of our kingergarten teacher gave me a few 
stories that her students wrote.
"The gingerbread man is outside looking at the rainbow"
"The gingerbread man is running into the forest."
"The gingerbread man ran into the gym to play with the hoola hoops."
"The gingerbread girl is running away from a dinosaur, a cow and a horse."

We so look forward to reading more stories.