Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Another Day at the Pond

             IMG_3223 (2)
Today was our last day of our Pond study and we finally found eggs.
We’re not sure if they are frog eggs.  We took some back to school to watch.

Here are a few other things we wrapped up.
We noticed that the tent caterpillars nest has gotten bigger.
IMG_2386 IMG_3241
April 15 to today, we can now see the caterpillars without the aid of
a magnifying glass.
IMG_2178 IMG_3244
We looked at the trees that we picked earlier in April.  The first picture
is from April 8th, no leaves on the branch.  The second picture is from
today, look at all the leaves.
We enjoyed another story about a beaver who built a raft called
“There’s Always Room for One More”.
IMG_3219 IMG_3208
After the story we ventured to the water’s edge and made either a beaver’s
lodge or a raft.
IMG_3207 IMG_3210
But the most fun was just digging in the dirt and playing in the water.
IMG_3204 IMGP3015
We’ll visit the pond one more time this school year, to release our frogs.