Monday, December 19, 2016

A Tree Puzzle

My husband made another toy for us.
A stacking wooden tree puzzle.
I put it out, in the block corner, about two weeks ago and
it was pretty much ignored.
So today I set it up in the middle of the classroom 
on a soft green blanket.
The children were attracted to it,
especially toddlers.
I like how the parents were close by to encourage,
assist when needed
or to suggest ways to take the wood pieces off.

Watch how this little one figures out how to take the wood off the post.
He got the first one off after his mom suggested holding the ends 
and lifting.
The next he tried pulling at one end
but it wouldn't work.
 In fact it lifted the whole stand off the floor.
His mom again recommended to hold the ends and lift.
He sat down and tried it.
He got it all the way to the top but couldn't reach any farther
so it dropped down to the base again.
He stood up and tried it again and successfully got it off.
The more it is played with the easier the wood slides on and off the post.