Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Baby Shark

Have you heard the camp song Baby Shark?  It’s catchy.  There are many versions, gruesome versus non-dismemberment so I modified it slightly, took out grandma and grandpa and we are rowing a boat instead of swimming. 

We’ve been singing it for over a week so today at the craft table we made clothespin sharks.
june 18 106  june 18 105
Paper shark cut outs, clothespins and ric rac for the teeth was all it took.
     june 19 006
Well and a bit of investigation to learn about different types of sharks
and how many teeth do they really have.
Then colour  june 19 043
cut        june 19 044
and glue       june 19 045
Then sing the song  june 19 046
 june 19 048
Baby shark, do do do do do da doo baby shark! 3X
Momma shark, do do do do da doo mamma shark! 3X
Daddy shark, do do do do da doo daddy shark! 3X
Let's row our boat, do do do do da doo let's row our boat! 3X
Hungry sharks, do do do do da doo hungry sharks! 3X
Let's row faster do do do do da doo let's row faster! 3X
Safe at last, do do do da doo safe at last! 3X