Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What Will They Play With Today?

The week before Spring Break I was feeling a little burned out.  I knew I needed a break to rejuevenate.  So last week for the whole week I tried not to think about work and definitely not go into school.  I avoided planning or updating my blog.  Although I did keep searching the many wonderful blogs out there.

But yesterday morning arrived and I worried about the few new activities that I had put out on the Friday before Spring Break.  Would they be inviting?  Would the children be bored?  I needn't worry for the children were very happy to be back at school regardless of what was out.

Here are a few play areas that developed this morning.

A play invitation with toys off the shelf.

Tea party with a jar full of cookies that have been tucked away for a few months.

A new toy that I found in my crawl space that was my daughter's toy years ago.

The art idea of using oil pastels and baby oil didn't quite interest the children but add paper hole punches and it became a busy area.

The rocking boat is very popular although some little ones are a bit cautious of it at first.

Using the furniture in a new way.  This little boy crawled under the table and pushed out the tub then stood in the hole.  That way he could have everything he wanted all around him.
So what I've learned from today is that old toys can be like new and that I need to relax more and stop thinking that children need new ideas to have fun at play.