Saturday, March 5, 2016

Rainbow Bars

This week we made Rainbow Bars for snack.
I found the recipe at Bloom Designs.
 The recipe is just like rice krispie squares except you use Fruit Loops.
 There were several challenges for the children while making this recipe.
The first was NOT to eat the marshmallows.
 Second to be careful when stirring, being sure not to touch the hot pan.
 This is our science lesson for the morning; how a solid changes when heat 
is introduced.
 The third challenge was to get their hands slimy with the butter
 and spread it around in the pan.
 The final challenge was again not eating it as the sticky cereal
was being pressed into the pan.
 Finally, everyone got a piece
and gave it a thumbs up.
They all completed the challenges with enthusiasm and success.