Monday, February 5, 2018

Sensory Table - Oats

I had a wonderful time observing (and taking pictures) of my 
grand daughter
experiencing a sensory table for the first time.
The tub contains ground oatmeal.
I ground so it would go through the holes in the colander
and to make it look a bit like sand.
If I was to use it again I wouldn't grind it
as it is quite dusty.
At first she was hesitant, not sure what it was or what to do with it.
I put my hand in and scooped some up and let it fall from my fingers.
Her initial interest was in the tools provided.
She took out the wooden spoon and cup and played with them for a bit.
Then back to the oats.
Over the years of watching toddlers I noticed that when they dig in and scoop up
their arms, when bent, will swing wide and most times something is
spilled on the floor.
Rather than trying to contain it in the tub I continued to watch
what my grand daughter would do next.
Babies and toddlers will use their whole bodies when exploring
so I wasn't surprised to see her moving the oats with her feet.
She sat down and looked at her feet as she felt the bits stuck to them.
 Next she moved her hands through the oats on the floor.
Sweeping it back and forth, wildly watching it spread around.
She has been using utensils to help feed herself for several months 
so it was natural that she would try to eat the oats.
So much exploring and learning in this short play period.
She stayed at it for about 25 minutes before moving off to something else.