Friday, June 28, 2013

Who’s Calling?

While garage sale shopping a few weeks ago I found this old
fashion candle stick phone.
                       june 28 002
It inspired me to bring out other phones from the cupboard
and set up a centre.
      june 28 001
It included the candle stick, a rotary, a push button with a cord,
a cordless and a cell phone.
june 11 035 june 14 004
There were lots of conversations happening to unknown receivers,
to themselves,
       june 7 001
and to one another.
        june 20 003
Even across the room.  We practiced telephone words;
hello, goodbye, see you later.
june 6 043  june 11 039
We added phone numbers to our book.
june 21 014 june 21 018
And we took messages.
Do you have phones available in your centre?