Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Pop Bottle Painting

This would be great art for Earth Day.
Pop Bottle Painting, I first saw at Alphamom
We used different pop and water bottles, old envelopes and very little paint.
It was popular with the boys.
They enjoyed using the bottles like hammers.
 The 2 handed overhead pound.
Others took some time in deciding how they would place the bottle.
 The prints look like flowers.
We talked about different names of flowers like
daisy and pansy.
 Look how she is checking out the mark left behind
before making another.
Will she make another with the same colour or put the bottle down?
 Not all were flowers.
This is an eensy weensy spider.
This is the spots on a white dog.

For a simple, inexpensive tool it does make 
beautiful pieces of art.