Sunday, March 3, 2013

Stream of Dreams

   march 1 076
Last week our school participated in the Stream of Dreams
program.  It is Eco-Education with a focus on local Watersheds,
Streams, Rivers and the Ocean. 
   feb 25 059
StrongStart visited Brooklyn Creek earlier in the
week.  We watched the water rushing over the rocks and
read the bulletin boards about the fish that live there.

               march 1 028
Back at school we learned about the many fish that
live in our streams, rivers and oceans.  That whatever
we put down our drains effects those fish and other

march 2 001 march 2 002
           For inspiration we read Lois Ehlert`s book Fish Eyes. 
        march 1 036 march 1 042
        Then in just two days every student and staff painted a fish to
                be a reminder to take care of our waterways.
             march 1 048

march 2 009 march 2 014
On Saturday a group of parents, staff and students got together to
                 hang the fish on our school fence.
march 2 021  march 2 027
march 2 025 march 2 032

march 2 038