Monday, December 1, 2014

Wishing for Snow

It’s December 1st and we’re wishing for a little snow so I set up
                  our fairy teepee in a winter scene.
I found these white balls at IKEA, they are used to cover little lights but I thought they would make great snowballs.  Also added smaller white pom poms for variety.
These two girls found more fairies and added them to the snow scene.  I noticed they were trying to stick the pom poms together and asked what they were making.  She wanted to make snowmen.
             So a little brainstorming led us to try some tape.
She had to figure out how to use the tape so it would stick to both balls.  Laying it flat across one ball didn’t work.  Laying it across the other ball didn’t work.  How to have sticky tape on both?  We learned how to roll the tape around our finger to make it work.

As I type this post I see that it is snowing outside.  Hmm did the fairies help with that wish?