Friday, April 11, 2014

Airport Security

For the last several years we have toured our local airport.  One part of the tour that was emphasized last year was some of the security.  This year I wanted to provide an experience so the children would understand it better.
   IMG_2244 IMG_2292
But it’s not the security that we experience as travellers but from an
                       airport worker’s position.
The worker wears an identification card and swipes to access certain areas.  At some doors their fingerprint has to be scanned before the door opens.
IMG_2294 IMG_2295
Alex showed us how he has to swipe his card then scan his finger to open this door.  Several us scanned our fingers but it didn’t work for us.
We haven’t talked about fingerprints at school before so this year I came prepared for the children to make their fingerprint as a starting point to further discussions.
     Pressing their finger on to the ink pad then on to their paper,
 IMG_2252 IMG_2254
IMG_2256 IMG_2258
  gave them a chance to see the tiny lines that make up their print.
I wish I had brought magnifying glasses after seeing this child pull out his
                       flashlight to get a closer look.
    I’ve added my fingerprint to our control tower back at the school. 
           This may lead to discussion and further explorations.