Thursday, November 17, 2016

Surprise Popping

I found a big roll of bubble wrap in a box
so I cut it into strips and taped it together to put on our carpet area.
Before the families arrived I covered it with a sheet and placed
a tub of toys on top.
This is little boy walked on the sheet and it went, "pop, pop".
He stopped then took a few more steps.
He peeked underneath the sheet
then put it down and continued walking on it.
Some children were surprised and seemed to be nervous when they stepped
on it and heard the popping.
But as they watched other children enjoy the popping
they soon joined in.
The popping noise was unbelievable when all these children were jumping.
 Notice the boy on the left hand side?
He was more interested in how the popping sounds were made.
First he tried to use his hand to pop a bubble,
then next he stretched his leg out to try.
Finally he cautiously stood and stepped on the sheet and
was successful in making it pop.
As the morning progressed the children removed the sheet and
investigated the bubbles by hand.
Most of them were already popped.
A bit more dancing and hopping made sure they got them all.