Monday, September 5, 2016

Summer is Over

Hope you have enjoyed summer vacation.
My husband and I did a bit of traveling, camping and hiking.
One new thing that we started this summer
was a blog for my husband's garden railway.
The railway takes up our whole back yard.  He has done a wonderful job
of winding it through the plants and trees that are well established.
When he was building it and looking for buildings he realized that Playmobil people
fit to scale.  So we started to find it at thrift stores and on swap pages.
It's amazing the many, many scenarios that Playmobil have created.
He based his layout after the old TV show called Petticoat Junction.
And the stars of this railway are Opa and Nana 
(which will be us once our first grandchild is born)
 so we called it Opananaland.
This summer Opa and Nana traveled with us and when we saw trains or models
they posed for some pictures and then blogged about it.
It's been fun creating stories and posing these two.
If you want to follow along or just take a peek you can find it at