Friday, September 14, 2018

Individual Smoosh Painting

We did an art activity with the Little One and her cousins last month.
Start with a canvas board and give your little one pieces of tape to stick down.
I think this was her favourite part of the activity.
Next squeeze paint all over.  I chose the three primary colours.
Then cover it with Saran Wrap and tape it on the back.
Finally put it on a flat surface and let them smoosh.
When they are done take the Saran Wrap off, let the paint dry a bit and then peel the tape away.
The Results!
 At the same time that the Little One was painting her even younger cousins were starting.
It was a beautiful summer day so we did this outside.
They are just crawling and I noticed that they used their whole bodies more than their older cousin.
Occasionally they would stop to try a pinch and a poke.
Then head off crawling again.
Their mom did the tape work for them.