Thursday, May 9, 2013

Paper Sculptures

Today my new practicum student, Grace, reminded
me of something important.  Don't underestimate a
child's ability.

  may 7 090
Grace planned a Paper Sculpture art activity yesterday.
To myself I thought it may be a bit too challenging.
     may 8 021
The range of children that attend our program is newborn
to 5 years and the average age, on most days, is about 3. 
     may 8 022
I’ve seen paper sculpture on other blogs but thought
that it may be too difficult for the average aged child
that attends the program.
may 8 006  may 8 010
        may 8 013
may 8 014  may 8 038
But after watching the children create and looking at the photos
that Grace took I realized that I underestimated the children’s
As they figured out how to fold and glue the paper to the board
I listened to them create stories to go with their sculptures.
   may 8 034
When I asked this child to tell me about his sculpture he
said, “It’s a jumper.  You just press it down, let it go and
then you go pssssh!”  Mom, beside him, was drawing tires
on his styrofoam peanut car.
may 8 042  may 8 057
   may 8 064
Others created loop-de-loops, butterflies and
3D pieces to hang on the wall.