Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pigs in Mud

This week we are all about pigs; The Three Little Pigs, Mrs Wishy Washy, Pigs Aplenty Pigs Galore, it's pigalicious.
Today we experienced mud painting at the art table. Well the pigs were painted and we drove vehicles through it.  The sensory experience for the children was wonderful to watch.  Some were very hesitant at first to get their hands dirty.  But I think the smooth feel draws them in to explore. Plus anything that involves cars is a big draw.
 Our mud was actually chocolate pudding (I mixed it with water instead of milk - didn't feel right wasting milk).  I encouraged the grown ups to call it mud and not pudding to reduce the chance of the little ones eating it.
 It didn't take long for the pigs and vehicles to dive into the container of mud left in the middle of the table.  We did a quick change to a flat container which became the pig pen.
 Oh what fun it is to move freely around the table (no chairs for this activity) and drive our tractors, cars and planes.  We could see the tracks they left behind.

Lovely mud.  It squishes between my fingers and glides down my hands. And the pigs love to bathe in it.

 See this one has a smile on it's face.