Monday, January 29, 2018

Baby Sign Language

During my career I have worked as an interpreter for the Deaf and an intervenor for the Deaf/Blind.  
I loved signing and watching Deaf children learn their language and express themselves.
When my own children were young I introduced them to sign language but didn't use it as much as I would have liked.
Having grand children gives me the opportunity to start very early.
My daughter and son in-law were open to learning too.
The above picture is showing her sign 'milk'.
We started with signs that were relevant to her like;
mom, dad, nana, opa, milk, water, book
To help everyone learn the signs I created a photo block.
On each side of the block is a photo of an important person in my 
grand daughter's life.
In the corner I added a picture of the sign and the word.

It's fun to roll and find her picture then make the sign 'baby'.
Her first sign was 'water'.
To date she is signing dad (for most of the adults), milk, sleep, again, eat, baby, dog, and help.