Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Ocean Matching Game

I'm slowly introducing games to the little one and this is one that I had created a few years ago.
I had gathered items from my ocean bin and took pictures of each of item.
The idea is that she picks one toy and tries to find the picture that is the same.
This was her first time seeing these toys so she spent some time looking at each.
She especially liked the shark and was intrigued with it's wide open mouth.
She stuck her finger in it a few times and mimicked it.
She even cuddled it while saying mom.
She quickly picked up on the matching idea and would challenge me by placing a wrong toy on a picture and say 'same' in a questioning tone.
As she pulled more and more toys out she now began to look closer at the pictures.
Her second favourite is the clown fish.
The game ended when she went away to cuddle the shark.
We did play it again when mom and dad came home.
She surprised me by signing 'different' accurately.
What kind of games do you play with toddlers?