Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Talk Like a Pirate

Do pirates go out in the rain? 
That was a question that arose last Friday when we celebrated
Talk Like a Pirate day. 
It was pouring outside but the temperature was warm and there
was no wind.  Do we go or stay at school?
   sept 20 015
We had warned the families that yes we would we go regardless
of the weather.  So this was our test, “will we follow through?”.
    sept 20 016
Colleen, my co-planner from another StrongStart centre, and I
arrived early to set up.
sept 20 003 sept 20 004
 sept 20 010 sept 20 011
    Then we waited to see if anyone would join us.
      sept 20 055
And they did.  We were impressed with how many came and
that they arrived dressed to get wet.
                sept 20 060
           Or prepared to stay dry.
    sept 20 022 sept 20 032
 sept 20 036 sept 20 054
sept 20 043  sept 20 062
We had a lot of fun being pirates, building boats, playing in
the water, searching for treasure.
  IMG_1630 IMG_1632
To finish the morning, Captain Thunderpants joined us for a few songs. 
   IMG_1631  sept 20 019
          What an awesome morning!