Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Cooking - Peach Jam

 We are fortunate to be part of our school's Fruit & Veggie program.
Last week we received peaches around the same time 
that families were donating grapes, apples and pears.
 So we didn't have time to eat all the peaches before they got too ripe.
 Today we used what was left to make some jam.
 I peeled and pitted the peaches then the children cut them into little pieces.
 The children used table knives which are sharp enough to cut through the 
soft peaches but not sharp enough to cut themselves.
 The electric frying pan worked great for this recipe which I found at 
We used 9 peaches and added 3/4 cups of white sugar.
It cooked for about half an hour til it was bubbly.
 We let it cool a bit then the children used a masher to break down the bigger pieces.
Sampling the sweet peach jam on the salty crackers was delicious.