Wednesday, April 10, 2013


april 2 020
Over Spring Break I set up a new play area for the families
to explore.  I call it roll-a-ball and was inspired by a tube
and funnel post from Fun at Home with Kids.
       april 8 037
I taped a dryer hose, letting it hang at a couple of points,
on a wall.  Set a basket on the floor at the lower end. 
The idea is to drop a ball at one end and watch it come out the
other end. 
        april 8 038
But the ball doesn’t roll through, it stops in the droops. 
So where is it in the tube? 
How do we get it out?
  april 8 039
When it didn't come out he looked in both ends and wiggled
the tube but it still didn’t come out.  Or maybe it did so he
looked around the floor.  When he didn’t find the ball he
came back to the tube and tried again.
  april 8 040
He continued shaking the tube finally figuring out that if he
lifted the tube high enough at a certain point the ball would
come out.
      april 8 035
            Then he did it all over again.

april 10 024  april 10 023
   The roll-a-ball works well as a cooperative effort too.