Thursday, May 23, 2013

Caterpillar Dreams

           may 23 032 
The Crunching Munching Caterpillar wishes he could fly.  In this book,
by Sheridan Cain, he meets different creatures that can fly and they all
describe what he needs to have in order to fly.
may 23 033 may 23 034
He needs wings, be as light as dandelion fluff or float like a feather.
may 23 036 may 23 037
So when he goes to sleep he dreams about flying.   I love the
illustrations and how the text floats around the page.

 may 22 143 may 22 144
I was inspired to set up a question for the children to think about
while they look at our chrysalis.
may 23 009  may 23 013
We started by talking about dreams and asking if they could think
of a dream they had while sleeping.
may 23 017 may 23 018
Some could tell a whole story about their dreams and were able to
create a dream for the caterpillar.
may 23 012 may 23 014
     While others drew about a dream as a wish. 
               Something that they like
                   so the caterpillar
                   would like it too.