Monday, May 12, 2014

Book–Frog’s Lunch

Our tadpoles arrived last week.  IMG_2915

With that our books about frogs were put out on the shelves. 
A fun frog book and an easy read is “Frog’s Lunch” by Dee Lillegard.
The puppet came with another book but it worked great for telling this story.  It was a small group for circle time so I quickly made up ‘flies’. Black pom poms on straws, one for each child.
    IMG_2949 IMG_2938
Frog is hungry and it’s lunch time.  The children buzz their flies.
He sits quietly and waits and watches.  Along buzzes a fly.  Closer to the frog.
      IMG_2952 IMG_2944
Snap, gulp, lunch time!  The children's flies are eaten by the frog.