Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Water Pipes

A week ago I shared this apparatus for the first time.
This week I took out the thistle seeds and added water.
Day one and it was filled with clear water.
Day 2 I decided to add colour to the water
and continued to change it to a new colour each day.
The colour made it quite visual for the children to see what was happening.
Which I found seemed to help the children use the basters easier.
Since they could see water being sucked in
and squirted out.
Also with coloured water they could see it in the tub
versus clear water offered just a view of the towels below.

A few other observations...
She is experimenting with the baster
and realized that she could make bubbles in it
if she put her finger as a plug in the opening.
Open then cover would make a little bubble move up inside.
These two realized they could use a baster as a plug
then fill the funnel before pulling the plug.
The boy was counting how many cups it took
to fill the funnel.
Finally this toddler is learning that he can move the whole
apparatus and get adults attention.