Saturday, May 3, 2014

Bread Pudding Recipe

We had left over bread from our Rolled Up French Toast snack last week. 
   So I bought a few more eggs and milk and we made bread pudding.
       The recipe calls for 3 eggs, which we love to crack open.
     IMG_2814 IMG_2815
And also spend a few seconds picking stray shells out of the bowl.
                  We whisked the eggs together. 
      Helping each other hold the bowl in one place.
IMG_2820 IMG_2821
We practiced our pouring skills when we added two cups of milk.
Then whisked the eggs and milk together.  We sprinkled in some cinnamon too.
IMG_2827 IMG_2829
   Next we ripped up bread into little pieces, even crumbs. 
                      We added 9 slices in total.
 IMG_2830 IMG_2834
Each of the children added their bread to the egg mixture then stirred it in. 
           We watched how the bread changed and became soggy.
I totally forgot to bring sugar for our cooking so instead we added raisins.
         We spread it in the pan then baked it for 45 minutes at 350.
                         All baked and ready to eat.