Thursday, November 8, 2012

Target Practice

nov 2 024 nov 6 132
This week we have been talking and playing a lot about fire fighters. 
At the fire hall we were able to help use the fire hose aimed at a building. 
Back at school we sprayed water on a much smaller scale.
         nov 2 009
In the water table we used squirt bottles to spray at fire shaped
foam pieces
(some grown ups thought they were tulips). 
         nov 5 113
I’ve mentioned this before and you’ll probably here it again 
spray bottles are great for building those hand muscles for
And spray bottles are inexpensive from dollar stores so easy to have
several available.
         nov 5 111
Target practice also encouraged more control in regards to aiming. 
Some children were surprised the first time they sprayed. 
Surprised what, or who, they hit. 
The more they tried and were prompted to hit the foam fire
or the bowls the more accurate they became.
               nov 7 025
Also over at the art table the children were able to practice with
little spritz bottles. 
A different but similar challenge for them. 
             nov 7 011
The finger span is smaller than the spray bottle but just
as difficult.
           nov 7 014
Just like the spray bottle it’s important to know which side
the liquid comes out.
          nov 7 013
Some children found it easier to use the palm of the hand
to press down on the pump.
        nov 7 015
Are there any other ways that you use spray bottles or
spritz bottles at your centre?