Thursday, February 28, 2013


   feb 28 001
     Today’s snack inspired by the Cat in the Hat.
feb 28 019  feb 28 020
 Mini pancakes are the foundation of our hat stacks. 

                    We mixed regular pancake mix.
feb 28 022  feb 28 024
Then in a separate bowl we tinted some of it with red food colouring.
 feb 28 033  feb 28 026
While the pancakes were cooking we talked about how to build the hats.
    feb 28 025
As I was  showing a hat similar to the Cat in the Hat’s one of the
children said, “it’s a pattern”.  Wonderful.
  feb 28 030  feb 28 031
   I think we made about hundred mini pancakes this morning. 
                There are a few left over for tomorrow.

Thing 1 & 2

   Oh the things we can do as Thing 1 and Thing 2.
      feb 28 041
Who doesn’t love those two little fun mischief makers
from the Cat in the Hat?
       feb 27 044
That’s why today we made Thing hats. 
Bright blue paper strips and scissors to go snip, snip, snip.
feb 28 003  feb 28 018
The children have been experimenting with scissors a lot lately. 
Snipping little pieces of paper whenever they can. 
This was a great activity to encourage more practice.
      feb 28 008
I always appreciate the grown ups adding or modifying
an activity.  Today a grandfather drew short lines on the
paper so his granddaughter would know where to cut
and where to stop.
     feb 28 043
It added another opportunity to practice printing and
I started encouraging new families, that approached
the art table, to do the same.
feb 28 007   feb 28 014
We also made ‘Thing’ badges.  The children could decide
what number they wanted to be.  Many chose their age
although some chose the first letter of their name.
feb 28 006  feb 28 010  feb 28 016
     feb 28 017  feb 28 044
Meet Thing 1, Thing Q, Thing A, Thing 3 and then there is Thing L
and Thing P Cat too.
      feb 28 047
           It was another fun Seuss day.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Seuss lets us see…

     feb 26 120
     A new book “I Can Read with my Eyes Shut!”
         inspired this craft to decorate glasses.
           feb 26 119
    A fun way to read; “I can read in red, I can
    read in blue, I can read in pickle colour too'”.
  feb 27 030
  Ways to decorate with feathers, pom poms and stickers. 
feb 27 010  feb 27 018
      Colour; some chose blue, some chose yellow,
            feb 27 008
  and new colours;  some blended to make pickle colour.

   For those that weren’t interested in making their own glasses,
              I brought out our collection of glasses.
 feb 26 122
feb 27 002  feb 27 022
                I saw moments of wonderful play happen. 
                  Children trying on glasses themselves. 
      Discovering how they feel resting on the ears and nose. 
                     And how they look in the mirror.
feb 27 033  feb 27 034
       Others were happy to try them on their grown up and
                 play with the big nose - honk, honk! 
                       “Grandpa’s nose” she said.
     feb 27 004  feb 27 007
            Exploring a mirror -  How does it work? 
What fun can we have with it?  What if I hold it this way or that way?
      feb 27 001
     This morning Seuss opened our eyes to more learning
                        and more possibilities.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Yertle the Turtle

     feb 26 115
Today’s Dr Seuss book is new for me.
It was a Christmas present this year and this
week is a perfect opportunity to use it.
      feb 26 116
Most of Dr. Seuss’ books are long and it’s
easy to lose the interest of the little ones.
So I tried to think of a way to make the book
more interactive.
   feb 20 074
Meet my story props – 30 blue egg carton turtles.
feb 26 074  feb 26 076
    It was great to have help to tell the story
   (thank you Nicole, our ECE student).  As I started
   to read the story Nicole gave each child a turtle.
   Then when King Yertle called for nine turtles
   the children came up to help stack the turtles.
  feb 26 077
   As the story continued and the king demanded more
   turtles the rest of children added theirs to the stack.
    feb 26 117
 Tomorrow the children can continue reading and
  playing with Yertle and Mack and build a stack.

 feb 26 003
  Meanwhile over at the art table the children painted
  their own egg carton turtle.
feb 26 021  feb 26 050
  Discussion arose about how younger children (3 and under)
  tend to paint in one spot. Do they only paint what they see
  Or is it because their coordination of using two hands
  hasn`t fully developed
     feb 26 056   feb 26 060
  This very young one drew a lot of attention this morning
  with her knowledge of painting.  She knew how to handle
  the brush and to apply the paint to the carton.  The mother
  was a great model for others showing that even the littlest
  participants in our program can enjoy the art table.
  feb 26 079  feb 26 101
        Meet Myrtle the Turtle and Sara the Turtle.