Tuesday, September 8, 2015

First Day

Every year, and it never gets old, that there is so much excitement for the first day back to school.  It was no different at StrongStart with many families arriving eager to say hi and play.

Here’s a few pictures from this morning that will help me with future planning.
                                         Ramp building.
The animals were quickly cleared away from the farm so the big machinery could get to work.  Part way through the morning I added small wooden blocks.
               The print and scissors table was busy ALL morning.
After setting up loose part provocations for just over a year the families are confident to sit down and explore without asking “what do we do with this?”.
              One family volunteered to make play dough for everyone.
          We painted hands to make prints for our bulletin board.
Moving vehicles around the room trying different terrains; up, down and over.
              Finding a tiny bug while investigating a sunflower.

I find working as the only facilitator, at StrongStart centre, I can get very busy welcoming new families, getting the registration forms completed, overseeing the whole room that having the time to really sit and listen to what the children are interested is nearly impossible some days.  So I take pictures.  And after looking at the almost 100 pictures I took today I have gained a few insights of the children's interest and can begin planning next additions to some areas.