Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Used Book Swap

It’s summer holidays here and the centre has been closed for a couple of weeks now.  But before we closed a parent suggested we start a group email list for anyone interested in getting together during the summer break.  I included myself on that list, knowing that I would be around for part of the time. 
Families have been getting together at the beach and the park, staying in touch and getting to know each other better.
july 16, 2013 003 july 16, 2013 004
Today I invited the families to participate in a used book swap at a park.  I brought a box of books I’ve been collecting from thrift stores and library book sales.  The families brought a book, added it to the collection and then chose a new one.
      july 16, 2013 002 
We made our own books using a single piece of paper and no staples.
 july 16, 2013 012 july 16, 2013 005
Here’s a good tutorial of how to fold the book.
july 16, 2013 008 july 16, 2013 010 
We spent sometime on the playground then shared some songs and stories.
july 16, 2013 015 july 16, 2013 017
This activity worked to encourage the children's interest in books and stories.
           july 16, 2013 018
I'm sure there will more get togethers this summer.