Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Melted Crayon Art

         march 12 019
For the past year or so I’ve seen wonderful melted crayon art work
on the internet.  Crayons melted by using a blow dryer.  Wow how
fun would that be to try?

march 11 060  march 11 072
Yesterday I set up a canvas to do as a group to see to see if there would be
interest and how the children would react to the noise of the blow dryers.
         march 11 082
There was great interest from both children and grown ups. 
There were some children that didn’t like the noise but if we
kept it on low they were okay.  Some even gave it a try to the
surprise of their parents.

Today I set up the art table for each child to create their own
melted art.
       march 12 003
As I set up an instruction sheet the first child joined me and
started gluing his crayons on to a piece of cardboard.
march 12 004  march 12 007
After gluing the colours of his choice to his cardboard he started the
blow dryer.  And blew and blew and blew.
         march 12 008
It takes quite awhile for the crayons to begin to melt.  I was
impatient so decided to put them in the oven to get them started.
march 12 012  march 12 014
Two minutes was a bit too long but we quickly went back to the art table and
used the blow dryer to move the crayon around to make a design.

march 12 020 march 12 030
I was excited to see that many families busy at the art table.  A bonus
was the science aspect of the art.  The crayon changing from solid to
liquid when heated, soft when it was still warm and hard again when
cooled off.

 march 12 036 march 12 025
These children did have the patience to use only the blow dryer to make their
crayons melt.  Well done and beautiful.
        march 12 033
I would recommend trying this art activity.  If you come up with
ways to modify it to make the crayons melt easier and quicker
please let me know.