Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Searching for Treasure

I love my job!
I get to spend a lot of time exploring my community with the families 
that come to the program.
One of my favourite outings is to the ship wrecks.
It's fun to pretend that they are pirates' ships wrecked on the beach.
Could there be treasure here?
We went hunting.
We found a clue hidden in a stump.
It was in a glass bottle sealed with a cork.
Once I read the clue the children figured out where to go.
The next clue took us out to the rocks where we found jewels.
Still no treasure but the hunt got us running all around the beach.
Off to find clue number 4.
By this time, as I read the clues, the children were thinking carefully
about the words and where they might go next.
Our last clue - where is the wall?  Can you see any roots?
They found it under the roots of a big tree marked with an 'x'.
They pulled it out and we gathered around to open the box.
Happy pirates sharing the loot.
Happy pirates on the beach, so much fun.
Stay tuned to learn more about the activities that inspired our 
treasure hunt clues.