Monday, January 7, 2013

Stick Snowflakes

jan 7 043
It was wonderful to see so many families back for the first day of
Two weeks is a long time of no programs to attend.

jan 7 036
The art table was busy with children and grown ups designing
using popsicle sticks.
jan 7 035
First step was to decide what shape your snowflake would be. 
Most went with a simple laying the sticks across each other in
an 'X' style.
jan 7 022
But as the morning progressed I started to see other designs come to life
as the families noticed that there were little popsicle sticks too.
jan 7 014  jan 7 017

jan 7 031

Second step was to decorate the snowflake.
jan 7 018  jan 7 010
jan 7 006
Adding buttons was a last minute decision on my part. 
Watching the children search through them reminded me how much the simple
things that you find around the house are just as attractive as glittery
purchased items.
jan 7 032
jan 7 041 jan 7 042
jan 7 038