Tuesday, May 2, 2017

I Spy at the Pond

We have had so much rain this spring that
during our visit to the pond this morning we noticed that the water level has
but not very much compared to last year.
The highlight this morning was the release of several of our
Three of our tadpoles have their rear legs so I decided 
to release them.
The water in our tank is warmer then the pond
so we set the bucket in the water to balance the temperature.
As I tilted the bucket they were very slow at swimming out.
They finally did and they were so easily camouflaged that we had a hard time spotting them.

On to our focus of the visit - to use binoculars
to spy around the pond.
It took a bit of patience and direction to show them how to use the binoculars.
 Once they understood they were spotting things on the other side of the water.

Next step was to record what they saw.
Part of recording what we saw is for the grown up to add print
and then for the child to share it with someone else.

We also used the binoculars to look at something very small right in front of us.
I found this tiny spider
and we were able to spy on it and count it's legs.
It is very calming and relaxing visiting the pond.
So much fun to share it with friends.