Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Measuring Nature

This week’s “I Spy Nature” walk focused on measuring.
IMG_2729  IMG_2728 
Their I Spy bags contained a documentation sheet and a length of string
for the child and an information sheet for their grown up
.IMG_2784  IMG_2785
I was thrilled that a lot of the families stayed for the adventure.
IMG_2787  IMG_2788
The children searched and collected 3 items that were the same
length as their string.
IMG_2793  IMG_2794
They walked along laying their string beside items till they found
a match.
Or their grown ups would find an item and help them measure to
see if it was a match.
IMG_2795 IMG_2807
Their collection was then attached to their paper.  The tape was a
bit chunky but I couldn’t think of any other adhesive that we could
take outside and would work quickly.
Any suggestions?
IMG_2798 IMG_2808
The grown ups recorded the names of the items.
       IMG_2809 (2)
                     I like his presentation.
                          It's a cross.

This activity took between 15-20 minutes from start
to finish.
Then they headed to the big rock or back up to the playground.

Back in the school I took all their collections and presented it
on our hallway bulletin board to share with all the members
of our school community.
IMG_2863 IMG_2865 (2)
IMG_2869 IMG_2868