Monday, February 19, 2018

New StrongStart, New Fairy News

My granddaughter and I have been visiting a few StrongStart centres
in the Vancouver and Coquitlam school districts.
For me it has been very interesting being on the other side of the child as a visitor.
For my granddaughter it is opening the door to socialization and new play experiences.
We really like a few of the centres because their facilitators are very welcoming
and the environment is calm and inviting.
Our favourite centre so far has a fairy corner.
I was thrilled to see my granddaughter was attracted to it.
Back at my house, her interest in fairies inspired me to do something 
with one of my fairy doors.
I asked my husband to build a room behind the door.
He used hinges so it will open and it has a latch to lock.
I decided that it needed some interior decorating so pulled out
scrapbooking paper to use as wallpaper,
plus some paper for flooring.
I'm leaving it as it is till my grand daughter visits and shows
interest in playing with it.

If it was your fairy house, what else would you add?