Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Predicting Flower Colours

Last week I brought in two pots of bulbs.
As a few children were having their snack I heard them talking about the flowers.
 It inspired me to ask them if they knew what colour the flowers will be?
I grabbed a piece of paper to record their colour guess.
As the week progressed more children recorded their colour.
Some noticed the tag that came with the plant and guessed a colour from the picture.
Others just guessed their favourite colour.
This week when we returned to school the flowers were blooming
and we had the answer, purple.
To me it doesn't matter what colour they guessed
or if they were right.
The process got them thinking about flowers, colours,
sharing their thoughts, gripping a pencil
and printing their names.
And now we have lovely centrepieces for our snack table.