Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bubble Painting

Lovely bubbles.  
We tried two different ways to make bubble art today. 
The first is shown in the picture above. 
Bubble juice in a cup and with a straw blow and blow and blow.
I posted a warning for the parents to check that their child knows how to blow through the straw because sucking in will not taste good.
Some were cautious at first and would blow a little at a time.

Others stopped to watch how the bubbles flowed over the top.

Bubbles make beautiful sculptures.

And are fun to burst.

Then the way to blow changed.  This little one found a bubble blower from the easel and decided to use it at the table.

Who needs to blow it on paper, the important part is just to blow.

You can blow bubbles too hard and it will splatter on you.

A little paper towel takes care of that stickiness.

The second way we blew bubbles was at the easel.  Bubble blowers were available with cups of coloured bubble juice.
But the bubble juice that I bought wasn't very good so this wasn't a popular method.  That changed when we added paint brushes.

This boy hasn't painted at school before but he stayed at the easel for about 20 minutes covering the paper with his beautiful strokes.

Others added to the painting and watched the juice run down the paper.
A parent brought in some bubble juice that she found a Liquidation World in the pet department.  It was very thick and the bubbles lasted for a long time, even landing on the children.  I'll have to get some of it.