Thursday, July 4, 2013

Bubbles – so simple and so fun

One of the easiest ways to play with your children this summer
is to bring out the bubbles.
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There are the traditional wands to use and with a good bubble solution
you can create a lot of bubbles and keep the kids busy for a long time.
     june 5 068  june 5, 2013 140 
At our Teddy Bear Picnic, last month, I brought a few new bubble blowers.
            june 5 083 
Nemo blows his own bubbles.  Although my policy is to avoid toys
that require batteries when I saw this little fish blowing bubbles
independently I couldn’t resist.
 june 5, 2013 173 june 5, 2013 174 
The children were fascinated with how it works.  Watching the
wand dip into the pool of bubble solution then raise to his mouth.
 june 5, 2013 201 june 5, 2013 200
Then trying to catch and burst his bubbles.
june 5, 2013 151 june 5, 2013 185
Another bubble blower I brought was a bubble gun but I preferred to
call it a ‘bubble storm maker’.
      june 5, 2013 198 june 5, 2013 170
It makes so many bubbles at once that they were floating around the whole garden.

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