Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Three Little GingerKids

    dec 17 049

Yay a new gingerbread story. 
I was thrilled when I saw this story, Three Little Cookies,
(a version of the Three Little Pigs)
posted on Flannel Friday by Rain Makes Applesauce.

It’s perfect to tell and retell as we are waiting for our adventurous
Ginger Kids to come back to school.

Meet Tot, Dot and Spot and enjoy their story as they build homes of
marshmallows, greeting cards and fruit cake.

Here is my version.

Ginger Kids Dressed for Travel

   IMG_1705 (2)
A couple of weeks ago we had a tour of a local grocery store. 
As we toured through the bakery the baker came out and handed
us an envelope.  
   dec 7 013
          It was from our Ginger Kids.
    dec 7 011
Our Ginger Kids had made a visit to the cake decorator at this grocery store.
IMG_1713 IMG_1706
They asked for help to get dressed so they looked great when they return back
to school. 

Tasha did a beautiful job.
    dec 7 001

Meanwhile back at school we are still receiving post cards and letters
in our mailbox.
  dec 10 041
        Some were local with wonderful stories.
 dec 11 080
Others were from much farther away, like Scotland, England,
New Zealand and California.
     dec 14 014
     dec 14 015
Thank you to everyone who has made this adventure a great success.

Back at school we continue to check our mailbox and
wait our Ginger Kids to return.