Monday, November 16, 2015

A New Ramp

Yesterday I posted on our StrongStart Facilitators Facebook page about the children’s interest in ramps and asked for suggestions on how to extend their interest.
One facilitator suggested using a slide in a kiddie’s pool at the art table.  I may try that one day but for now I set it up by our other ramp.
We started with the balls that we used last week on our other ramps.  Then I had the children look around the room for other things to test to see if they would roll.
These two girls were the first to try it out and were very excited about sending anything and everything down the slide.  They really enjoyed sending the animals down, we learned that they don’t roll.
                         IMG_9911 (2)
Using the toddler size slide makes it very accessible to our smaller children.  In the background, of this picture, you can see our cardboard slide, it is a lot higher and the cardboard moves about.  This slide stays in one place and is easy for them to reach the top.
                       Also fun to climb into the pool to clean up.
New language was introduced with this ramp, predicting.  Will it roll or will it slide?
                            We'll look for other things to predict.

Dino Antics Day 9

This morning we found that the Dinos had pulled down jars of crayons and left
                              some art work for us to find.
            Oh oh triceratops was wearing a mask.  Who was the artist?
      Reactions from the children varied from “hmm what are they doing?”   
                     to “let’s draw with them” or “I’ll clean up”.
                               The artist left their signature.