Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hallowe’en Play Trays

             oct 22 009
Matching, counting and recognizing shapes is the focus of this play tray.
                   oct 23 032
oct 23 052 oct 23 053
                Three Little Witches fingerplay came to life this week.
                   oct 22 010
                   oct 23 031
With the words available the grown up could easily teach the fingerplay
to their little one. 
The finger puppets kept the children involved.
                  oct 22 011
              I saw this idea a couple of years ago at Saltwater-Kids.
                     oct 23 040
Having two puzzles on one tray was a challenge for some of the
children and grown ups.
                   oct 22 012
And lastly, I brought out our golf tee balance board.
Instead of marbles I used little jack o’lanterns that were once attached
to a string of lights.
oct 22 031 oct 23 025
Which way can the jack o’lanterns balance? 
Using the flat bottom or the skinny top?
               oct 24 010
The tricky part was not to bang the tray while balance them or they all fall off.