Monday, June 25, 2018

Opa Brought a Train!

Opa came to visit last week and he brought a train.
 He carried the big bin into the back yard and started unpacking it.
The little one spotted the people 
and began to put them in the cars.
And out again.
Opa started laying the track under close supervision and looks like strong suggestions.
She was enthusiastic and a big help.
The track is together and out comes the train.  
Hook them together and watch them go.
 Time to play.  
Load the people on the cars then give the red caboose a little push.
Oh no! It was too hard of a push, the caboose derailed.
No worries, Opa is here to set it back on.
 Next came a lesson in operating the train.
She learned fast which button made the train noise.
As Opa operated, the little one explored the buildings.
In the afternoon we found a box and made a tunnel.
Then a few of her stuffed animals got to go for a ride.