Friday, February 22, 2013

Lantern Festival

           feb 22 041
We are so lucky to have a neighbouring community
that brings in this Taiwanese Lantern Festival.  We
visited this morning and spent time exploring the
many colours, shapes and lights displayed in these
wonderful lanterns.
feb 22 001 feb 22 006
We used our Nature bags but we called them Busy Bags today. 
They included the clipboard with plain paper and crayons for
drawing, a paper with a circle and square on it to count how
many of those shapes we could find and some magic paper.
feb 22 010 feb 22 013
As soon as we entered we saw lots and lots of circles. 
There were so many that we estimated instead of counting.
feb 22 018 feb 22 019
It’s great that the lanterns are set on the floor so the children
can get up close to really check them over.
feb 22 020  feb 22 022
Several lanterns were interactive.  This snake has a hole in it’s mouth. 
When you drop a ball in, the body lights up.
feb 22 027 feb 22 026
     A ring toss in the dark looks lovely all lit up.
       feb 22 025
Maybe the fairies will visit to check out the toad stools.
feb 22 031 feb 22 039
  Some lanterns were low and spread out on the floor
        while another was hanging from the ceiling.
feb 22 034 feb 22 042
           Look at all the triangles we saw in this lantern.
     feb 22 036
              Shhhh, it`s a sleeping tiger.
feb 22 045 feb 22 043
The children used their magic paper to help them remember
the wonderful colours they saw in the lanterns.
       feb 22 053
Back at school while emptying some of the bags I found
some tally sheets.  Interesting how each child did it differently.
Some attempted printing numbers, others made tally marks
and someone added a triangle that they saw.
         feb 22 055
       Love this sketch that I found in one of the bags.