Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Happy Dot Day~ish

        PicMonkey Collage
Today our school celebrated “The Dot”.  As the families entered the school they found the floor littered with dots.  Some children walked around the dots others skipped and hopped from one dot to another.  Many students and staff wore dots, spots and polka dots too.

Some of the activities they found in StrongStart were:
 sept 17 033 sept 17 035 
                        Dot stickers and chalk at the art table.
sept 17 024 sept 17 026
                                Twister on the carpet.
sept 17 020 sept 17 044
                     Bingo Dotters at the easel.
      sept 17 043
The Dot encourages an "I'll try" attitude and that is what we've been seeing at the art table for the pass two weeks leading up to today.
             PicMonkey Collage
              I hope you made a mark today.