Wednesday, June 28, 2017

A Different Easel

I switched our easels from painting to sensory boards and because of
that I created a new easel from a large cardboard box.
Day 1 the children used foam paint rollers that were cut in 
different textures.
This easel encouraged the children to use their whole body.
Stretching really high and bending low.
Day 2 I put out feather dusters.
They were harder to paint with as they were very floppy.
And they don't hold as much paint as the rollers did.
One unique action they did offer was a splatter.
Which kept me busy wiping it up off the floor.
Day 3 and we used foam brushes.
By this day the children were having lots of fun mixing the colours
and moving the paint trays around the box.
If we were not going into summer holiday we would of thought
of an idea of what to use the box for next.